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The vision of the Friends organization is to "Build a Better Library" bringing the community together, inspiring personal growth, and transforming lives through knowledge and literacy.


The mission of the Friends is to support the Bosler Memorial Library through fundraising, promoting public awareness and volunteerism.


The Friends of the Bosler Library, established in 1957, work to promote advocation of the library and its resources and to provide library funding.


We are a separate entity from the Library and have our own by-laws and financial reporting and auditing.  Your membership in the Friends organization is not the same as your financial donations to the Library's annual giving campaign.

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The Friends

P.O. Box 730

Carlisle, PA 17013

The Friends of the Bosler Library, established in 1957, work to promote advocation of the library and its resources, and to provide library funding.


Friends of the Bosler Library is a 501C3 organization. The Friends Board meets the third Monday of each month at 7PM to discuss and plan the various activities and projects of the Friends.


The general membership does not have regularly scheduled meetings but may participate in the many on-going projects sponsored by the Friends.


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Friends Distinguished Service Award


2016 Friends Distinguished Service Award

Janice Thompson



Janice Thompson is our first recipient of the Friends of Bosler Distinguished Service Award for her dedication to and support of Friends of Bosler Library. Janice was co-founder of the Bookery (started in 1997).  She served many years as the Bookery Manager and has been a member of the Board of Directors. An Emeritus Friend, Janice has remained involved with the Friends and its activities and has been a great resource to the Bookery as a researcher of unique donations. We are proud to present this award to Janice Thompson whose generosity, enthusiasm, and spirit continues to benefit the Friends, the Bosler Library, and our community.




Friends present exiting board members Hope Miller (pictured left) and Claudia Kyle (pictured right) certificates of appreciation for their years of volunteer service to the Friends board of directors. A book will be donated to the library in each of their names in a category of their choice. Hope Miller served as a president & vice president of the board and Claudia served as treasurer and hospitality chair. Thank you to Hope & Claudia!



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