The vision of the Friends organization is to "Build a Better Library" bringing the community together, inspiring personal growth, and transforming lives through knowledge and literacy.


The mission of the Friends is to support the Bosler Memorial Library through fundraising, promoting public awareness and volunteerism.


The Friends of the Bosler Library, established in 1957, work to promote advocation of the library and its resources and to provide library funding.


We are a separate entity from the Library and have our own by-laws and financial reporting and auditing.  Your membership in the Friends organization is not the same as your financial donations to the Library's annual giving campaign.

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The Friends

P.O. Box 730

Carlisle, PA 17013

Membership Matters. Join us. Together we make better Friends!


Being a Friends member makes many great things possible for the Library and your community.


Consider joining forces with Friends of Bosler Memorial Library by becoming a Friend member. Our collective force is a major financial contributor to the Library. Between the funds raised through our used book store, the Bookery, and the memberships received by library supporters like you, we can continue to meet some of the financial needs of the Library.


All Friends who renew or become new members in 2018, receive a BOGO coupon to the Bookery and a small gift, & the quarterly newsletter, Bosler & Friends, as thanks for supporting us. Different levels of giving are listed on the downloadable membership application. Each level of giving has its unique benefits. Thank you, as always, for supporting your library through the Friends of Bosler Memorial Library. Your membership is vital to the health and success of the Library.


DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!  Sending mass emails is a quick an inexpensive way to communicate with our membership!


Become a new Friends member today--or renew your old membership.


Help us increase our circle of Friends--Download and fill out the membership application today! Thank you for being our Friend!


Friends Membership Drive

New Memberships or Renewals


Supporting your library through membership dollars and volunteerism.


Thank you to all of our Friends members who made our 2017 membership drive a HUGE success. Nearly $27,000 was raised through our membership campaign. Many, many good things are happening at the Bosler Memorial Library because of YOUR generosity!


 If you did not get a membership letter in the mail, please use the membership enrollment form on the web. Thank you for your support.


Click here for a list of the 2018 Benefits for joining the Friends:



Your donation is tax-deductible.

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